Gretchen Howard Public Relations


GHPR engages clients to customize a unique publicity plan - one that meets their business's needs and respects their time and budget goals.


Media Relations

Gretchen works with the media to make their jobs easier by providing great story ideas and content. She helps clients gain coverage in print, web and broadcast media.

Social Media

An online presence is an important face in today's business. GHPR helps clients develop social media messaing to stay in front of their audiences via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus and more.

Community Relations

Partnering with a local nonprofit or business can help gain exposure and expand customer base. GHPR helps clients connect with other community members in mutually beneficial events and cross-promotions.

Client Types

Restaurants, farms, environmental organizations, lodges and inns, authors/ cookbook authors, events, retail businesses, and more!


Cane Creek Farm

Nearby Cane Creek Farm captured Gretchen's interest even before coming a client. Orginally a farm volunteer and CSA member, Gretchen now helps publicize the farm's online organic courses, monthly lunch workshops, CSAs and children's farm camps.

"Gretchen truly embraces farming and promotes it well." ~Lynn Pugh, Cane Creem Farm owner

Snowbird Mountain Lodge

Gretchen has worked with Snowbird Mountain Lodge in western North Carolina for over five years. She admires the spirit of adventure, quietness and access to nature the lodge offers its guests. Gretchen has helped the lodge secure coverage in Blue Ridge Outdoors, Points North Atlanta, Southern Seasons Magazine, Seed and Plate, My Cooking Magazine and more.

Rebecca Lang

Rebecca Lang is a cookbook author, cooking instructor and television personality, and her latest cookbook The Southern Vegetable Book parallels Gretchen's interests, which makes telling the media about it a great deal of fun.

"Working with Gretchen is always a pleasure. I've always felt personal attention while getting results that are extraordinary. She keeps me in the loop on all developments. I'd recommend her services over and over again." ~Rebecca Lang

Seven Sisters Gallery

Located in the heart of downtown Black Mountain, Seven Sisters Gallery has offered a fine selection of American made handcrafts and artworks in the region for over 30 years. Owner Andrea McNair is dedicated to providing high-quality, decorative and functional arts and crafts to her gallery and customers.

"Gretchen is an effective promoter for my business. She helps take some of the pressure off of me and gives me more free time to focus on the parts of my business that I want to focus on. Gretchen knows all the right people to help spread the word!" ~Andrea McNair

Melissa Libby and Associates

Gretchen has worked with Melissa Libby since 1999, supporting noteworthy restauratns, chefs, and farm with national media outreach.

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