Gretchen Howard Public Relations

About GHPR

Ready to step into the spotlight? Determined to shine?

GHPR partners with a variety of clients to encourage them to step into the spotlight. Using print, web, broadcast media, social media and community relations, GHPR effectively conveys client stories to select audiences. GHPR teams with food and restaurants, farms, environmenal, travel, nonprofit, retail and hospitality clients.

How GHPR Shines

~ builds interpersonal relationships with every client

~ shares client stories in a captivating manner

~ values relationships with local, regional and national media contacts

About Gretchen Howard

Explorer - Storyteller - Entrepreneur - Gardner - Music Lover - Holistic Health Enthusiast

Gretchen strives to connect her life interests and values with her work. Her passion lies in hearing and sharing others' stories to gain publicity, exposure and real results for her clients.

From Asheville, North Carolina to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to the Atlanta suburbs, Gretchen is a Southerner at heart with an adventuresome spirit. She revels in a long run, yoga class, hike or bike ride. She enjoys digging in her garden, cooking nourishing foods and reading a favorite author.

Gretchen lives in Cumming, Georgia with her husband, two children, and two dogs. She earned a BA in Communication at North Carolina State University.

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